Greg Lee

6-10 big from Western Michigan

Averaged 13 and 7 on 51% from 2-pt and 31% from 3-pt range

Grad transfer so has 1 year of eligibility

Apparently Arkansas has shown interest and been in contact with Lee

For those that might be interested in what bigs Arkansas is looking at



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Appreciate what you do, Votan.

Works for me. Sign him up!

I’ll admit at first it was for selfish reasons. I kept going back to threads talking about portal players and not remembering anything about them. So I decided to post a graphic with their info and stats. I could scroll up and get a reminder that way. Then realized others might like that too, so I kept it up. That’s all. Its just a crutch for my rotten short term memory.

Plus knowing how many on here seem to be stat centric, I though they might enjoy having those easily available in the thread instead of having to go somewhere else to look them up.


Lee is a double transfer; started out at Cal State-Bakersfield.

His free throw stats are bizarre; 25% as a freshman (looks like it might have been 1 for 4) to 81% the next year. But he’s never tried more than 47 FTs in a season. Not a high-volume foul shooter.

Regarding double transfers, I saw this

We made Uncle Greg’s top 6!

I believe that is only if you haven’t graduated. If he’s a “grad” transfer, isn’t he available immediately, regardless of how many transfers?

Nope. One transfer per customer, regardless of whether you’ve graduated or not. They want to give people a do-over but not multiple do-overs.

That’s weird then. If you’re a grad transfer, you aren’t limited by any rules if you want to transfer. Well, besides your current school does not offer the field in which you’re pursuing your graduate degree. The player has graduated from current school with eligibility remaining. He’s no longer bound to that school or the transfer rules.
Now if he’s not a grad, that’s a different story.

I have reached out to him this morning and am hoping to talk to him soon.

I doubt he would go through the process if he wasn’t going to be immediate eligible.

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I haven’t read the NCAA rule but there have been multiple media reports that it’s one transfer per player. Entirely possible those were wrong.

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Well this makes me scratch my head even more! Apparently, he was a grad transfer this past season:

Lee played for California State-Bakerfield for three years, earning himself a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies. At WMU, Lee is in the sports management graduate program.

Thanks DD looking forward to hearing from Uncle Greg.

Come to think of it, Vance Jackson is also doing the multiple grad transfer thing.

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I have a feeling that a grad transfer can transfer again if he has eligibility.

Penn St bound.

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