Greg Brooks

Looks like he is gone as well. What is going with the secondary?

Even though both he and Foucha referenced “Coach Pitt and his staff” in their tweets, I don’t think it is just coincidence that neither he nor Joe referenced Coach Odom or Coach Carter by name while specifically referencing Coach Cooper and Coach Morris. May mean something, may not. But interesting.

I really hate to see this, regardless of the reasons. I am not sure either of these players will end up in the NFL but they seemed to bring a lot of stability to the team as multi-year starters.

EDIT. Just saw where Coach Cooper was named the head coach a few days ago at LIU. Maybe they want to reunite with him there. Kinda outside the box…but who knows. I don’t think the importance of relationships can be overstated. We have seen that with some of the young men that have come to us from the transfer portal.


I have no information at all… only speculation. But there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of different options. I just can’t see this being about NIL. If it was just one player maybe, but this seems to be something infecting the whole secondary room. So with my tiny not so useful brain, I leap to 2 different conclusions or some combo of both.

#1 there is some sort of real disconnect between the position coach and his players causing them to feel they need to leave, or

#2 there is somone that is disgruntled about something and has become a cancer and spread that to others on his way out. The scorched earth type approach.

I hope neither is true, but without anyone bothering to address this all that can be out there is speculation and I really hate that because I was happy with what I saw this year and the progress we made. It seems we just are not meant to be successful here be it motorcycle crashes or secondary defections. We seem to find a way to screw things up.

I thought it was more than two… 2 in the last few days but didn’t we already lose 1 or 2 before that. 1 I think was so low on the depth chart not to have been a big deal if I remember right.

Any chance you could get us a list of the transfer outs so far?

Since Odom was Foucha’s position coach and not Carter the two’s decisions likely are not related to Carter. I wouldn’t jump there too quickly. Brooks did not like Carter, that’s fact but it may not be all Carter. Carter may be the excuse, not the reason. JMO

We have been listing the transfers in each story link:

Arkansas football transfer tracker

DB Greg Brooks

DB Joe Foucha

DB Nick Turner

DB Devin Bush

DB Jermaine Hamilton-Jordan

DL Andy Boykin

DL Solomon Wright

LB J.T. Towers

RB Trelon Smith

RB Josh Oglesby

OL Ray Curry

OL Jalen St. John (later removed name from portal)

WR Darin Turner

WR Kendall Catalon

K Vito Calvaruso

K/P Matthew Phillips

A lot of defensive backs leaving Matt, is what we are hearing about relationship problems with the coach got any truth to it??

I don’t know why the players transferred.

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There’s def a snake in the woodshed somewhere and the quicker he’s found, the better.

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Ok thanks…

Hearing that Slusher might be next.

This is about to be a train wreck… This is one area where you cannot afford to lose quality players… looks like we’ll be hitting the transfer portal pretty hard ourselves now for sure. I hate the way college football is right now…

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There are too many portal transfers on defense exiting UofA (many of whom starters & quality players plus team captain) for CSP & staff not to understand why. One would expect there to be a primary reason for this mass exodus. My first assumption was that Odom might be planning to leave.

Players talk & no doubt the other players understand the reason(s) for the transfers. Whatever that may be, this does not bode well for the upcoming season(s), & the coaches need to address this sooner than later.

If Slusher enters the portal we have ourselves a full on, unmitigated disaster unfolding.

That said, they are all within their right to do it. You better have a culture in place that’s strong enough to prevent a mass exodus like this from happening.


This is where the media earns its pay.
It now has entered the shocking stage and I doubt the school will or can address this to the public honestly.

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Shocking? Meh. It’s college football in 2022. I’m surprised by Foucha, but not shocked.

When you take a few deep breaths, it makes sense.

We are in CFB free agency. The only 2 surprises are NOLA guys.

My guess is LSU went hunting for some quick fixes and found some—sorta like OU nabbed Mike Woods last year. Time will tell. But, the gnashing of teeth is pointless.

This is the way things are now. We have to play the game.

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For now, I think it’s reasonable to assume this is an isolated situation if only the New Orleans guys hit the portal.

If Slusher or others in the secondary enter the portal we have a different issue on our hands.

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If a couple end up at LSU, our coaching staff will have a burr under the saddle response toward the new coaching staff in Baton Rouge. I sure hope this is not a foreshadowing of losing Odom. It would make sense for the players to enter the portal before a new destination was known for Coach Odom.

Slusher would be a huge loss.