Greg Brooks to LSU

Two players both leaving the hogs within days/hours of each other and within a week both ending up at LSU. Gotta say this does not pass the smell test. I’d be willing to wager there was some tampering going on somewhere somehow. But in this day and age, it is what it is and until rules change I expect this to be the norm.

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Two New Orleans guys leave together. I’d almost be shocked if they didn’t both end up at LSU, tampering or not.

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they’re both La boys just going back home,I think we can replace both with better players


Predictable. No surprise here.


Would it pass your smell test if 2 Kids from AR transferred from same team to the Hogs?

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Wait a minute we’re not trying to think logically?

Nope, I’d suspect there was some communication before the players enter the transfer portal. Just like I think there was this time. And in the NFL that’s labeled tampering and has consequences, but right now the college ranks is about akin to the wild west and anything goes. Eventually it will get cleaned up, til then it has a putrid smell.

And that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Wait what? LSU and tampering allegations? Perhaps even cheating? Perish the thought.

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How does McGlothern from LSU stack up talent wise to Brooks & Foucha?

I think if we landed two defensive players with the atheticism and SEC experience of these two, we’d all be doing cartwheels right now. It’s quite a hit to the coming season.

What if we land two better. That will play in their spots. Will you be ok?

It’s hard to compare them because they play different positions. McGlothern is a true cover corner who covered the receivers who were split wide. Brooks covered the slot receiver primarily and Foucha was a safety.

PFF gave McGlothern good, not great, scores for pass coverage this year. He was not as good against the run.