Greg Brooks to Arkansas...

where he has been privately committed for a long time even as he was publicly committed to Mississippi State. … dogs-hogs/

Is he signing today or waiting Dudley?


He signed today.

great job by this staff!! we get Catalon and keep Bush we are loaded in the Secondary!!!

Welcome Greg to the Hog family. We are excited to see you join. This staff is getting it done.

WPS, one down, man the suspense was killing me, now Jan till the nxt silent!!! :shock:

Don’t forget the other Brooks

I was so stoked when typing my original message that it I never posted it when I saw your great news Dudley!!! Even better news that he has signed as well!!! Boy oh boy what a day and what an amazing job this group of coaches has done. Now if only Bush would have signed I would have been AMAZED. Praying we hold on to him!!! … 5e7b7386ab

Video of him committing if it hasn’t been posted.

One private commit down; one (Mr. Catalon???) to go. WPS!!!

Gotta love flipping SEC schools. :yum: Not only do we get a great player, but a rival is deprived, and at the last minute. Dagger! WPS!

Fantastic. Does this give us 20 signed?

Yup. UA took a while to get their NSD list updated but it’s up to 20 now.


Why am I not seeing his name on the list of signees or did I overlook it?

Kathy, on the UA list I linked he’s near the bottom.

Ok. Richard doesn’t have him on his list yet.