Greg Brooks announcement

Still expect him to be a Hog, but the next 48 hours or so will be interesting I’m sure.

I’m hoping he calls the hogs.

Looks like he went from a hopeful or luxury to a must have with the development of Bush and Otey.

How is it looking, RD or DD? ghg

MSU 24/7 writer says he’ll be completely shocked if he does not sign with MSU.

Arkansss recruiting writers confident.

Somebody is getting played.

I’m not a recruiting writer, but about five mins after Brooks announced his signing day is when AR “offered” Stromberg. Now, could have just been a coincidence, but IMHO when that’s happened in the past it pointed to the kid going elsewhere.

I honestly don’t think that is the case. The staff was going to take both juco OL and Roberson a couple weeks ago before he changed his mind. If anything Stromberg took the grad QB spot

You mean when it was reported, not when it was announced.

Don’t think there is any connection with that.

It’s more about Roberson and the others signing late

Actually, I mean when Greg Brooks announced on Twitter, and Stromberg, said blessed to be offered on Twitter.

Let me rephrase, when their tweets hit my timeline (about five mins apart)

To me it was too close together to be a coincidence. It was within three hours (actual tweet times) per the time stamps. Which goes to my opinion, Brooks let the staff know, and then they offered Stromberg.

Hope I’m not sensing some KB deja vu.

One thing I can ASSURE you of is that Greg Brooks did not tell Arkansas on Monday that he was not coming.

Then that’s great news