Greers Ferry Golf Question

Going up to Greers Ferry in couple of weeks with the family and need suggestions for golf courses in the area. I played Mountain Ranch 25 years ago in med school but don’t recall a lot about it. Any suggestions appreciated, along with other things to do in the area with teenage boys. We’ve got kayaks and renting a boat one day. Thanks in advance.

Well greens are Bermuda vs the bent grass you played on years ago. Also try Tannenbaum.

I don’t know much about golf or what is required for you to be able to play on the course, but the Red Apple Inn has very nice courses and places to stay (condos to rent, etc.). Also the restaurant is very good with wine available (not available elsewhere in the area). Do visit the trout farm (free) at the base of the dam. An hour and a half drive north is a wonderful cave (Blanchard Springs) that is a national park but not allowed to advertise much because of the private caves in the area. The tours there are first class. On the way back to Mountain View, be sure to stop to eat the fried catfish at JoJo’s (the best that I have ever had!). Then in Mountain View at dusk until into the night native musicians gather (from all over the country) on the square and play in impromptu groups for free. If you like banjo, etc. (frequently rarely seen instruments), this is worth the trip. I do not know how well-used these groups are with the current environment however. We used to enjoy the Jimmy Driftwood Barn, but I do not know their status since the longtime owner died (I think you can check on the web if interested). I forgot where you are travelling from, but if from the south, you might want to take a side trip to Mt. Petit Jean on the way there or back, especially if the boys might enjoy the hikes (to the waterfall, etc.). Whatever, you certainly deserve the break from what you have been going through, and many thanks from all of us for the unselfish service!!!

Tannembaum is fantastic. It is a 30 minute drive or so but a hidden gem.

Mountain Ranch is a better golf course than Tannenbaum, as far as fairways and rough. Greens are good at both. Mountain Ranch has over 100 bunkers but much wider fairways on average. Tannenbaum is more scenic and has some interesting holes. It has a par 3 that probably has a 100 feet drop from tee to green. I have played both courses many times. Price is similar for both.

This won’t help you. Too far. But I played Big Creek in Mountain Home this weekend. about 80 miles and crooked road. So don’t make that drive. You could go to Conway much easier. But, Big Creek is really good. Everything is a little soggy but won’t be in two more days. Never seen any greens any better than that place right now. I hadn’t played in 10 months so it took me a bit to get going. Did alright on the back. I think I was just 1-over on the back. I don’t want to talk about the front.

You have three courses within reasonable driving distance, all about the same quality, about the level of a good municipal course. Mt. Ranch right there at Greers, Red Apple over by Heber, and Tannenbaum (gps it).

At any given time, these three courses could be in great shape, or not too good. All golf courses are on tight budget now, so it depends on how deep the pockets of the current owner(s) is.

I prefer tannenbaum over mountain ranch. Owned by same company. Tannenbaum is zoysia and secluded with mature timber lined fairways. Mountain ranch is more open with Bermuda fairways. I’d recommend you play both. They offer a package for that. You can do it in one or 2 days.

Thanks guys for the info! We are going to do the hiking/cave looking one day we are up there too. I may take them by Red Apple Inn bc that’s where my parents spent their honeymoon 52 years ago and cool to show the boys…plus I suspect my oldest is getting married this next year and I’m giving him ideas for honeymoon on a budget since he will be in dental school.
I’m also test driving places for a 2nd SMALL home or cabin on a lake somewhere in the mountains. After dealing with this Covid mess this spring, I told my wife I need a get away place that’s relaxing and bit cooler than here in West Monroe. A place for long weekends and such, but not too far(4 hours) bc I don’t want to waste an entire day on the road one way like down to Gulf Shores, plus I’m not a beach bum with all those people.
We built a new home here and need to sell the old one first, but I’m on the look out for something for near future. Love WM but I can’t stay in town and relax much…just goes with the territory of what I signed up for.

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You could also do a tour of blanchard springs caverns, if their open with the Rona going on. Its about a 45 minute drive from Heber and something grown ups and kids will like. Also in the 70’s for the tour cause you are underground, but its quite a bit of walking on sidewalk paths. It is in Mtn. View.

Indian Hills golf course is also in Fairfield Bay. It is very tight, with doglegs that make you place your tee shot in the correct yardage from tee to be able to hit an approach shot to the green.

I played Big Creek about 7 years ago. It is a very nice course.

If you want a place on a lake, look at Norfork Lake, too. Another 90 minutes north. But it is not as crowded on lake and I like Mountain Home better than Heber Springs. You have two rivers and two lakes.

Noticed that not one person mentioned Thunderbird. You guys are missing out :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

That is funny. In the early 80s, I was a member at Thunderbird and at Eden Isle (now Red Apple Golf course). Thunderbird is the only course I’ve ever shot a 72 on. However, it was a par 65 back then, and probably should have been a par 62. I don’t know if that is still the case. I played golf primarily at Eden Isle and partied at Thunderbird (lots of pool, poker, and gin games for $).

The Lee brothers (Stan and ???) were members both places. Of course they grew up on the Eden Isle course. Stan played a few years on the PGA tour. I played one round with Stan at Thunderbird. The first hole was about a 230 yard straight away par 4 with the road running just to the right of the fairway. Stan gets to the tee and says “watch this”. He hit a big high hook (4 iron, I believe?) out over the road and the ball lands about 5 feet from the pin.

edit: Can’t believe I forgot his brother’s name - Louis!) He was also a terrific golfer and probably a better putter than Stan, just didn’t have the length off the tee to rival Stan.

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