TV or radio said anything about his status? Is it the foot?

Radio hasn’t said a word

What about adcock? I see Clary is in for him…injury or regular substitution?

kid is just injury prone all you say… hate it for him but it is what it is.

Yea its tough, 8 tackles in 1.5 quarters

yes he’s a great player!

Praying its not his previous injury…

Someone on another board said possible acl. MRI tomorrow. Don’t know how accurate that is. Hope not. We lost pulley early last year and it killed us. We are thin at lb anyway and he was playing lights out. Looked like his feet just got caught in the turf. I’ll be glad when we go to grass next year.

Just saw this on twitter at 9:23pm CST and it was time stamped 31 minutes old.

Clara Goodwin @5NEWSClara
Per Dre Greenlaw’s mom: his x-ray is clean and likely suffered a high ankle sprain. She said he is “okay and hoping for a healthy season.”

Sure hope that’s right. Poor guy can’t say football without hurting something. But when he plays, he is awesome. Really need him this year.

high ankle sprain = syndesmotic ligament tear and not likely to be pain free all year. Up to the kid, if true as to what he can play thru. Worst case scenario requires a screw to stabilize the space between fibula and tibia. What does an xray show for ligament damage unless the bones are so unstable to be grossly displaced? No contact injuries are just so damn ominous.