Greenlaw game-saving tackle!

That was a textbook tackle, flatten that guy at the 6-inch line :slight_smile::slight_smile:


That’s called heart and want too!

That tackle by Greenlaw allowed the 49ers to win the division and have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The ball was only 2-3 inches from the goal line. Amazing.

whichever way they called it on the field was how it was going to stay, it was a helluva tackle for sure though

I think if they’d called it a touchdown on the field they might have reversed it. It didn’t look like Hollister got the ball to the line before his shoulder hit the ground on any angle they showed, including overhead

Did he get hurt at all this year. He was hurt every year at UA. Could there be something to that?

Dre became a starter in October after the previous starter got hurt, so he didn’t play a full season (I presume he was on special teams before that but you get the idea). Looking at his stats, he had tackles in all 16 games, double digits in 3 (including 13 each in the last two games).


Ironically, the guy Dre tackled was the twin brother of his former Razorback teammate.

Beat you to it, Wiz. I noted that before they even finished the booth review Sunday night and posted about it.

As I didn’t watch or hear anything about the game until I just read this thread a couple of minutes ago, and then wrote my post in an immediate flow-of-consciousness reply, we’ll call this a “virtual” tie.


That was a stone cold stop by Dre!