Greenbacks Galore in Red Stick

An extra million or two seems to be no problem for LSU to handle in this era of abundance. It seems Brian Kelly’s paycheck was slightly inflated by only a million. What is even more of a sign of the times is the payback plan in adjusting each monthly installment for the next year to recoup the overpayment to avoid any discomfort for him. I guess the COL inflation has eliminated any spare cash.

Alas, that’s never happened to me.

If you ask for $100 at the ATM and it spits out 30 Benjamins, do you tell someone?

I bet you would!

Well, I don’t know about everyone’s reaction but I feel safe in predicting little Brian would wait to see if the ATM film identification caught a short little guy with a green derby before telling anyone of the bank’s largesse. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Semi-related: When I was a UA student, I had an account with a Fayetteville bank that has long since been swallowed in corporate mergers; I don’t even remember which one. So did one Jeff M. Necessary of Rogers, who was also a UA student at the time, a year or two ahead of me. One month I looked at my bank statement and saw some money I didn’t recognize. So I notified the bank; apparently somebody credited my account with a deposit made by Jeff M., and they put the funds where they should have been.


I know Jeff M

I sort of know him. We’re Facebook friends. Totally bizarre coincidence: His parents are/were named Jim and Marilyn (his mom died not too long ago). So are mine.

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Dang. Your evil twin. Or is that you?

Just kidding.

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I’m probably the evil one. Or at least the one who is past caring what anybody thinks.


Isn’t he an attorney, Scott?

Jeff M? Nah. He has worked in logistics at Walmart and now does logistics for Howse Retail in Bentonville.

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Wasn’t sure, but I knew I had heard the name.

Well, it is good to know there is a Spare if another Jeff. becomes necessary. :wink:

Jeff on a serious note. Your family is from the Garland County area, right? I wonder where the Jeff M’s family originates?

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My grandpa came to Hot Springs from the mountains of extreme western Virginia; AFAIK I still have relatives in that area and NE TN. Grandma told me somewhere in South Carolina there’s a county courthouse with a portrait of a Confederate Gen. Necessary who is related somehow.

I know Jeff M’s family has been in Rogers for a while. His dad has a local construction business and there is a Necessary Road in Rogers. Jeff’s uncle Gary migrated to Cali and worked in TV production on the Laugh-In show 50 years ago and other network shows.

There’s also a clump of Necessarys in central Texas, one of whom went on to be a porn actress; last I heard she was still doing that.

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I have a vague recollection of someone named Necessary who competed in horse shows way back when. It would have been in the '60s.

Probably would have been one of Jeff M’s bunch in Rogers, Marty.

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Yes, Necessary Construction. That’s where I heard the name, and of course, Necessary Road.

Gonna need more info on that last sentence, Jeff…for research purposes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The question is…which one is Jeff…and which one is Bizarro Jeff…



Why did Kelly not report he’d been overpaid?

LD, I am pretty sure in this time of abundance with an indeterminate number of associate and assistant head coaches, coordinators including co for this-or-that coordinators and coaches, assistant coordinators, assistant coaches, co-assistant coaches, position and specialty coaches, graduate assistants, trainers, etc., etc., Brian will be staffed with a fellow to keep up with his pocket change and contract overpayments. I bet the audit finding will be used to justify such an expenditure… Can you imagine that a fellow making multiple millions for coaching football should be expected to check his compensation for errors and overpayments.