Green OL beats Holtz and Patterson

Guys do you realize what we have done. We beat a Holtz that had eight months to prepare for us. He brought his A game schematically against us. Then a true genius- Patterson. That guy brings his A game every Saturday. Those two coaches threw extremely well-designed schemes at a green offensive line. Somewhow we beat both.

Not to be too crude about this, but it is like being thrown face first into a pit of hot steamy crap only to crawl out smelling like a rose.

We have had some good coaches, no some legendary coaches at Arkansas. Do we have another in BB?

What BB accomplished with this team to begin this season looks a lot like what he did last year late in the season, and what he did the season before last to be the only unranked team in football history to shut out two top ten teams. This guy wins in ways others cannot.

It ain’t always pretty, and heaven knows it is gut wrenching, but this guy appears to have an uncanny ability to win. He marches to a different drummer. Still he is a leader if I have ever seen one. I heard Frank Broyles say that the key to a great coach is not X’s and O’s but rather the ability to motivate and lead young men. If that is true, then we have a keeper in BB.

A great post.

One of his best characteristics is his ability to keep the team from giving up when others might. They just keep pushing through and he is proven right time after time. You can tell that the team has completely bought in.