Greedy Vance becomes commitment No. 2 … a-karr-cb/

Certainly great news for the Hogs as the 2020 Diamond Gang recruiting train starts to pick up steam! Hopefully more to come in the next month!

Can’t get enough of those Edna Karr standouts.

They have won 44 of the their last 45 games

It’s a good school to recruit from. Don’t Scoota come out of Edna Karr?

No he went to John Ehret

I’m not going to say that Vance is going to be “that guy” this year . . . at this point, it’s just an offer.

But, if memory serves me (which is less and less of a surety as the years go by), our track record on our “first commitment of the year” is kind of checkered. By which I mean, it “feels” like about half of them end up de-committing and going elsewhere by the time it’s signing day.

Richard - have you ever done a story/research on this? Could you look back 10 years and see who our very first commitment was (and usually, it’s like this - about a year before signing day), and what the ultimate outcome was? Probably be a decent story.

And, by the way, we’re not alone. I don’t pay nearly the attention to other schools that i do Arkansas, of course. But I’d bet the same is true for most guys who commit a year ahead of time, regardless of which school it is. Too much time for other suitors to come whisper in their ears.

Vance is a stud, but the lack of an LSU offer at the time of commitment isn’t good. I hope he sticks because when bush committed o had an Uber driver, who’s son plays on Edna Karr tell me how good bush is, but that there was junior who he thought was better, that was greedy Vance.
I hope he sticks but LSU is good at getting in state guys if they decide they want him.

Stay on me on this. This weekend has had me tied up.

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