Greatly exaggerated demises

Yes, that’s a play off the Mark Twain quote that’s actually a misquote.

There’s a bit of an overreaction amongst we Hog fans; too much gloom, doom, despair and agony.

Two weeks ago, all I read was how the Texas Aggie football season was done, and there was no way they could even win 5 games. Looked like one to pencil in as a W for the Hogs. I cautioned then that the demise of the Aggies was greatly exaggerated. And it was.

I now make the same observation about our beloved Razorbacks. And in response to some of the gloomier prognostications, it’s a quantum leap in logic to take last night and conclude the Hogs are about to lose 4 straight, miss bowl eligibility, get blown out by Alabama. Thankfully Coach Pittman will not call in forfeits and sit out until the Auburn game. Of course on paper Alabama wins handily. But there’s a reason they play the game.

Alabama almost lost to Texas, that lost to Texas Tech yesterday. It happens. The Arkansas home crowd next week will be in a frenzy; will be a hostile and tough environment for the visiting Tide.

And what have you seen from KJ Jefferson and these Pittman Hogs when their backs are against the wall ? Have you seen them fold up camp and head home in these situations ?

The Razorbacks will play one of their best games next weekend; it may be one for the ages. Will they win? They’ll probably drop an oh-so-close heartbreaker. But they’ll make us proud, and there is not going to be any Alabama blowout. Take solace in a moral victory? Hell no. But I am glad to once again have fighting Razorback teams that battle until the end in every game.

A little historical refresher is important when perspective is lost. Remember where this program was just 3 seasons back. Remember what we saw from 2012 until now – not a couple of down seasons but a near decade of mediocrity. Remember the three wins of 2022 thus far and against whom.

Say what you will, but the one loss was to a pre-season national title contender, and the Hogs gave it away with mistakes that are not typical of these Pittman teams. Teams have bad days and get unlucky breaks. Good teams recover from those and often respond.

So, no Alabama blowout of Arkansas.


Best post of the last couple of days. Excellent!


Actually I think there is only one winnable game left on our schedule. That would be Huge Freeze and his Fightin Falwells. I don’t know about the rest of you, but as for me, give us a win over Liberty, or give the program death!

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You’ve got to be kidding


I thinks all the remaining games are winnable! Period! The only game that our hogs will be overmatched he’s is Bama at it’s on the hill.
Our crowd is worth 10 points and the hogs will need them.

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The Mean As$ Hogs will beat Bama this Saturday! I saw it in a Peyote trip!


No, sadly I am not. We are clearly a terrible team with a bleak future. I think the time has come to defund the football program and focus on the sports we are more competitive in. Perhaps we could make football a club sport or drop down to D-3. Maybe join a conference with Hendrix or Lyons.

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Geez, just when I think the board couldn’t get any worse you dragged it down another three levels.


That’s just stupid

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I’m disappointed in you two. I thought both of you were capable of recognizing obvious sarcasm.

I did until you doubled down

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Ha, that was cool. Was pretty much the mood of this board when I checked it out this morning. How soon we forget where we were when “Hammer Down” was here.

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LOL you had everybody stirred up my friend!! we needed a little laughter after last night…

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Fantastic post

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