Greatest Trick Plays

Arkansas is going to need a few of these plays in Belk bowl, especially in the Red Zone.

Well in all fairness, CBB has been just as creative if not more with some of his trick plays.
In fact I’m surprised none were on that list.

Dan Enos has a bag of tricks. You can bet Virginia Tech has the list and will have worked on them. But, you get time to add some new ones with extensive bowl preparation.

I like the Cincinnati Jump pass the best. It is similar to Williams’s push-Pass at the goal line vs FL.

A lot of those trick plays involve fake field goals. So here’s a question: There must be a rule book exception that allows a kick holder to have his knee on the ground when he is holding the ball. Otherwise, kicks would be dead when the holder catches the snap. But in a trick play, the “holder” essentially becomes a quarterback, not a holder. He is there to distribute the ball to a runner, or take it himself and run or pass. Should he be ruled down when he catches a snap and his knee is down? Have officials missed this every time, or is there something that makes the presumed holder continue to be exempt, even when there is purposefully no kick?

The rule is that the holder is exempt from the knee-down rule as long as he is in his role as a holder. Thus, if a high snap forces the holder to come off that knee to catch the snap, and he comes right back down on that knee to hold, the ball remains live. And if he flips the ball over his shoulder from that position in the old Les Miles fake FG play, it’s OK. But if the holder catches the ball and comes up out of that stance to run or attempt a pass, then he’s treated just like any other ballcarrier.

I enjoy watching trick plays, particularly if they are run by the team I’m pulling for and are successful. Furthermore, I would not mind seeing the Hogs be successful on one or more. However, what I really want to see is us show them who is the better team by “taking it to them” (standard football) on every play and winning decisively. WPS!!!

Ironically vs Auburn. :smiley: