Greatest game ever pitched?

Roki Sasaki, age 20, of the Lotte Marines baseball team in Japan threw a perfect game Sunday afternoon, retiring all 27 Orix Buffaloes he faced. But it gets better:

  • 19 strikeouts
  • 13 strikeouts IN A ROW in the first, second, third and fourth innings
  • Only 105 pitches.
  • 106 game score.

And Sasaki is a tsunami survivor.

He’s ineligible to come to MLB until age 25, but MLB definitely knows about him. Fastball around 100 mph, and a low-90s splitter that falls off the table.


So he could have signed immediately out of HS with a MLB club in USA. But instead signed with Japans NPB league knowing he would be locked in there 9 years before he could sign a full MLB contract. Or after 6 years at reduced market value, granted he is still performing at high level.
I guess that’s loyalty.

Seems like he experienced some childhood trauma there too, which might make him hesitant to leave home/family.

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