Greatest comeback ever - Brady is the best

Heartbreaking for Atlanta, but they never should have taken their foot off the offensive pedal.

Love him or hate him Brady is a proven winner!

I’ve always disliked Brady because of Michigan and because of all the Patriots’ “scandals.” But I have to give it to him; he’s won more SBs than any other QB. He’s proven it on the field and deserves the accolades.

I dont really care about the Patriots, but I wanted them to win this one so bad because of the injustice that deflate gate was.
there are a lot of reasons to hate the patriots. Deflate gate was a good old fashioned railroading.
I hope Goodell cries himself to sleep tonight.

The fans booing Goodell was priceless!

The comeback was absolutely stunning by Brady and when you do the math of 5/7 SB, there is no doubt about his place in NFL history. Ironically, his best team was probably the one that ended in a loss to the Giants, but that’s football.

I am finally ready to admit it…he is the goat. Even better than my all-time favorite, Joe Montana…and that was tough for me to do. :?

I thought Brady was very average for 2 1/2 quarters. Then great the last 20 minutes. There was a pass or two in the second half that could have been interceptions but things worked out because of great plays by his receiver or just missed chances by the defense. He was good, but also a bit of luck.

Atlanta sure helped the Patriots. But it was a case of a more experienced team understanding how to make winning plays.

I was pulling for the Pats because of Trey. So I was happy

He was average because Atlanta was getting pressure on him. He crumbles under pressure - like most QBs do. When Atlanta started getting gassed from the play discrepancy in the late third and 4th, Brady went to work.

Bingo. The pressure disappeared and Brady cut them to shreds. I do agree that he made some throws that could have burned him, like the one Edelman caught off the tip, that worked out in his favor.

By the way, when I referred to the Supe as #greatestchokeofalltime, it wasn’t the ATL players. It was the coaches.