Greatest college BB coaches per this publication

Eddie is at #18 and Nolan lands at #26.

No problem with Eddie being 18. Nolan should be much higher, but how can you take anything like this serious who does not have Wooden #1?


Ridiculous click bait list. Coach should be way higher. Adolph (appropriate name) Rupp wouldn’t have even let Coach on his team, but I bet Coach’s teams would have beat his team’s brains in.

Kinda funny, and not in a ha ha way, that with everyone being butthurt about everything, that Rupp’s name is still on their arena. I guess overt racism is ok if you win enough games?
Thank God for Don Haskins and Texas Western.


Guy Lewis even being on this list tells you all you need to know. And ahead of Nolan? Beyond ridiculous.


And Calipari ahead of Tom Izzo???


Exactly. It seems like half the All Star team tonight played for the Squid, yet he’s only got that 1 natty.

Imagine what Coach or Muss could have done with all that talent.

Nolan being that low is ridiculous by almost any standard.


Here’s my question on such lists…criteria, metrics etc. Sutton was a nice coach but CNR was a real nice coach. At least CNR never was inspired to crawl to Kentucky.


Jeremy, as you said the list is garbage as soon as he puts K above coach Wooden! You and I have the same love for Coach. He’s top 10 as far as I’m concerned.

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Haskins at #40 is an absolute joke. He and Nolan should both be in the top 10. Calipari at #9 is also ridiculous.

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Like I said before, the list is just click bait. Boeheim, Pitino, and Calipari…c’mon man.
Where is Tubby Smith, lol.
Coach Richardson literally changed the game in the 90’s, but Don Haskins changed it forever.

Coach or Muss would have a whole bunch compared to Grease Ball Cal!

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Almost certain this “publication” is primarily a Twitter account.

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It’s a joke, Scottie. PJ may as well have posted the National Enquirer here.
He knows better.

It is. However, I am quite sure they ranked it based on whole body of work and not just NC. Using that measure, Top 10 sounds right to me. If anyone has data to disprove it, you are welcome.

After Top 10, it is the just whatever your heart desires. Nolan’s rating is ridiculous of course. Unfortunately for Nolan, years after 1996 have cost him how he is viewed outside of Arkansas. I have seen many ratings like this. Nolan is always there but always rated lower than he should be.

Regarding Eddie, I am not sure I have seen any rankings where he was rated above Nolan.,

maybe he should had rated his list by the number of wins the coaches had …in addition to post season play and conference/national championships

That was exactly my thought

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I think the worst is Guy Lewis as Eagle mentioned. Oh my goodness. Who couldn’t win a National Championship with Olajuwon, Drexler, Michael Young, Benny Anders, Alvin Franklin and on. Ahead of Nolan….

I would put Wooden ahead of K if it is strictly based on NCs. Most of the championships that Wooden won were in the era of no scholarship limits and champion had to win a lot less matches. Also there were very few other bluebloods, if any. Although K himself should have won more championships than he actually did, with all the McDonalds AAs he had , he may have an edge because the more competitive era he built his resume with NCs, FFs, etc.

I posted this to generate discussion, which is the objective of forums such as this. For sure, each one of us probably has a different pecking order with Nolan no doubt in Top 5. And every list has some ridiculous stuff like Guy Lewis, who may not even belong in Top 40.

Thanks for the opinions.

No disrespect but Nolan is not in my Top 5. He’s not as far down as this list has him (though he’s my favorite coach).

As for who is the best, I go back to a discussion on Sportscenter about the Mt Rushmore of basketball, my opinion it should have two coaches and two players.

  1. Pat Summit - when she died I saw little girls at the park laying flowers on the court, when asked why they said “The lady that invented women’s basketball died.” There are stories from some of the greatest players and coaches of all time talking about being at camps, when Coach K, or Dean Smith, or MJ, Kobe, Lebron would speak, other coaches and players would have conversations or snarky comments. When she spoke that ALL shut up and listened. (By the way, her and Geno are not on this list)

  2. John Wooden - this took a lot studying on my part, it came down to Wooden, K, the Zen Master and Red Auerbach. It came down to who had the greatest run and player(s). Wooden won.

  3. Kareem Abdul-Jabar - reason why is my dad. My father is not a basketball aficionado. When you ask him who is the greatest NBA Player ever, he says Kareem Abdul-Jabar. When you ask who is the greatest college player ever, he says Pistol Pete followed by Lou Alcindor. He differentiates between the two. He considers them two different people. Even Jordan wasn’t considered the best in college.

  4. Jordan - I believe Kobe was actually better than MJ, but MJ meant more to the sport. If it wasn’t for Air Jordan there wouldn’t be a Black Mamba, an Uncle Drew, a King James, and the NBA definitely wouldn’t be the global phenomenon it is now.

As for coaches and players, it’s a preference. Anything that says basketball coaches or college basketball coaches and doesn’t mention women’s coaches or players is useless.