The movie “Greater” appeared on Netflix this week which prompted my son to show it during our daily family movie night…which once again resulted in me crying a few times during the movie. Perhaps I am wrong, but I think if you are from Arkansas, you can more easily relate to the movie’s story line. From calling the Hogs, surviving in poverty, family and community coming together, heart and devotion prevailing against great odds, being awarded a full ride scholarship to play for the Razorbacks to denying the devil. So many great messages that we Arkansans can directly relate to. Even in death, Brandon Burlsworth continues to inspire and lead by example.


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The first time I watched it was here in Chattanooga at a half filled theater. I’m certain I was the only Arkansas native there. I teared up several times in the movie and outright cried at least once. One tear up was when the table was shaking from the force of fans calling the hogs in RRS. That was a chilling moment for this old dude. Walking out folks saw my Hog gear and wanted to know if the movie was really true. I told them it was 100% true with very few Hollywood embellishments. All agreed it was a great, great story. I’ve watched it with my grandson’s and they loved it. I’ll have to watch it again tonight.

There was a special viewing here in Fayetteville when the movie came out. I think the viewing was sponsored by the Razorback Foundation, but I’m not sure. I do know that we went out to eat at Grub’s Uptown before the movie and we all got eyeglass frames (the same sort that they give to the Burls Kids).

I have seen it a few times and I finally bought a copy. It never fails to move me.

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Loved the movie. Also loved the soundtrack.

Although I haven’t been a colts fan since Johnny U. and even then as a youngster I think I favored Bart Starr a tad more. Nevertheless, it would have been very exciting to watch the BURL play pro football. It’s one thing to be talented at your position(and he was) but its another thing to be gifted as well(and he was.)

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