Does anyone know how I can get a DVD copy of “Greater”. It wasn’t shown much in the Denton area, but I found it and drove a ways to see it, but would like to watch it again and often. Thanks for any help offered.

I’ll check Wal-Mart, which no doubt I will be in sometime this week.

If they are not in Walmart, I bet Marty Burlsworth can tell us where.

yes I would love to know as well.I don’t think it was shown here in Ms.and would love to see it!


The Blu-ray version is actually cheaper than the DVD.

thank you Marty…appreciate it! also I just found this way to watch online.

https://www.moviefone.com/movie/greater … -to-watch/

Greater will be required viewing for all of my grandchildren.

A wonderful movie.

I first watched in a local theater here in Chattanooga. There were many Tennessee fans with tears in their eyes. The scene on the sideline at RRS when we called the Hogs and the table shook gave me goosebumps. I wore my Hog gear and a couple of guys shook my hand and said great young man as I left the movie.

And after 20 years in Tennessee last Thursday a Tennessee fan thanked me for the Hogs giving the Vols the NC with the fumble at Knoxville.

Blu ray was $9.96 at Wal Mart in NLR