Saw it tonight. It was perfect. Do yourself a favor and go watch.

Totally agree. Great movie with a wonderful message.

Couldn’t agree more. Awesome movie, very professionally done. If/when you go, take a hanky…or two.

Saw it tonight as well. Great movie! Yes, please be prepared to cry a tear or 2.

Saw it tonight

Low budget film,but great!

Thought it was a great movie with much insight into Brandon’s life.

Headed to see it this afternoon. I’ll be decked out in my Hog gear. All the TN fans around here love that especially when I remind them about the win in Knoxville last year.

While I am definately going to see it, is it appropriate for young children? I know it’s a family film but just wanted to be sure…

Aside from some curse words, bullying, and an innocent drinking scene, I think you will find it appropriate for kids.

I saw it last night, and I thought it very appropriate for young kids. No cuss words that young kids haven’t heard before, like when their dad hits his thumb when hammering a nail. And they are only used a couple of times (and a coach who uses one gets corrected once in the movie, very humorously, by Brandon). A little alcohol use, and a little cigarette smoking, but very tame by the standards of most movies Hollywood puts out these days. I would highly recommend it for young kids (and parents, too, for that matter) because of the uplifting message it contains; I know if I still had young kids, I would have no problem taking them to see it. I was proud that it put the U of A in a good light, too.

I’m taking my wife and kids to see it this afternoon.

Very well done. Perhaps a bit too religious, but then, that was Brandon.

Tough on parents who’ve lost their son, too…maybe just a bit too real.

I watched it this afternoon in Chattanooga. I’m certain most in the theater were Vol fans. Everyone was moved by the power of the movie. Go see the movie. It’s about more than a young man rising from a walk on to 1st team All American. When you see the movie you’ll understand what “Greater” means.

Well done.

I just found out that former Hog Grant Cook played the role of Grant Garrett.

Is Cook a professional actor? He did a great job.

And Houston Nutt played the janitor. :o

It was an outstanding movie

The weakness is that (like variety magazine threw a tomato at the screen)

It’s impossible for secure privileged critics to actually believe what was portrayed on the scream isn’t a trivialized preachy sermonizef understanding of Brandon Burlsworth humanity and personality

After all - Simeone like The Brandon Burlsworth on that screen cannot of actually existed - could. It?

What’s Amazing from all I know from all who met him - the Movie Greater got it right -

That Faithful, Hopeful, OCD, family and Arkansas Loving, Wonderful man - did indeed exist

To me his humanity was communicated well - Brandon Burlsworth had issues - I suspect the deepest was the the deep desperation to prove that he was somebody and he daired to believe he could change his circumstances - and did

With little support and few resources his OCD and faith gave us a remarkable man

Brandon Burlsworth was/ is a remarkable man - and after seeing this movie it’s even more clear to me

My hope is this movie becomes a cult classic and hangs on for generations - like another sappy and once poorly respected movie called

‘‘It’s a wonderful Life’’

Only this one - is ‘‘A Greater Life’’

I plan to see the movie again

Very touching -

Also the old farmer antagonist isn’t just the antagonist against a faith and religion of hope - he is emblematic of antagonism against hope in life itself -!after all I. His bitter world view isn’t anyone who seeks to improve themselves bot in touch with reality because to a ‘‘realist’’ nothing but the reality if despair matters - and is truth

thank goodness Brandon didn’t listen to the reality of his circumstances

Instead Brandon leaned forward in the tank turret and with simple faith, hard work he threaded a needle so tight for success Sonthing Greater had to make it possible for this man to move beyond the reality of his measurable history - to achieve greater things

It may be low budget but it’s greater quality

Loved it

Please forgive the long note

I thought the best acting in the movie were the scenes with Neal McDonough (Marty Burlsworth) and Nick Searcy (the farmer). The cinematography, audio, writing, acting were all really well done during those scenes.

It’s interesting that you mentioned It’s a Wonderful Life. That movie was a box office flop and the writer was ashamed. The company that made the film didn’t bother to renew the copyright when it expired 25 years later, so it fell into the public domain. Every TV network was able to air it for free and that’s when it became the beloved movie it is now.

I saw the movie yesterday. I thought it was very well done. I had a lump in my throat several times and shed a few tears too. See, I grew up in Harrison and know Marty, Vickie, Coach Tice, etc. Many times my hometown gets portrayed very negatively but this was different. Harrison was actually viewed positively in the movie. Burls was accurately portrayed. He loved his family very much. And Coach Tice could really get on you but you also knew he loved you.

One of the touching moments to me as a Razorback fan was when Brandon stepped on to the turf down on RRS and looked around. I’ve never been down there but I know I would get goosebumps if I did. I loved the scene when he was next to Grant and they called the Hogs. Wow!

I thought the writers were a little liberal with Anthony Lucas’ character but I know they had some creative liberties.

Great movie. Greater person.

I saw it last night. Thought it was perhaps a bit cheesy, but not too much. Overall, I enjoyed it a lot & could barely control my emotions at the scene where his mother learned he’d been killed. I wasn’t sure where reality stopped & Hollywood hype began in many of the scenes, but it seemed pretty accurate to the extent I remember things. (Not that I had a lot of inside info about Brandon at the time.).

It’s a movie I’d recommend to everyone, especially Razorback fans. I especially enjoyed the closing that pointed out the work of the Burlsworth Foundation & what the UA did with his locker & number. Paints the UA in a very good light.

(My daughter was an extra in the funeral scene. I enjoyed seeing her.)

Great summary IMO! ghg