Greater and Before They Were Cowboys

I watched Greater and Before They Were Cowboys during the past two days.

When you look at both of those teams, while Broyles and Nutt obviously had influence, the real leaders on both of those teams were the players. Jimmy, Jerry and the rest of the senior class took over and refused to have another losing season. Burlsworth, Stoerner, Lucas, Garrett - a senior and three juniors took over. There was probably some literary license freedom in the movie, but I think it was more truth than fiction about those guys leading the team.

People follow people more than they follow instructions or instructors. The secret sauce within those two teams were the internal leaders. Those were uncommon people - maybe the vision that CBB had when he came up with #uncommon.

Both of those teams were in similar spots to where our current team is today. Disappointing seasons, dissension on the team and with the fans, Nutt coming in new, Broyles in his eighth year after going 5-5 in his seventh year. Every team - even Alabama - has been where we are today.

I hope we have some uncommon leaders on the team who will step up this offseason and help the coaching staff right the ship.

Totally agree. The coming year will be pivotal for Coach B. I hope there are those uncommon players on next year’s team that can bring us back.

The difference is that Bielema has not had a very successful season yet. I understand a down year amidst a few real good seasons. But that has not happened with this guy. And he won’t have a successful season next year either, IMO. Objectively, he’s no where close to being as successful at the UA as JFB. And he’s really not as successful as Nutt.

I do agree on needing player leaders. I do think it’s the coach’s job to develop that, however. Broyles did that, I think. I’m surprised Bielema hasn’t done better in this regard.

Broyles record was 4-6, 9-2, 8-3, 8-3, 9-2-, 5-5.

It was Nutts first year from Boise State.

Different times, etc. It is hard to compare from decades ago, but you could make an argument that 8-3 with a schedule from the 60’s was not much different than 7-6 or 8-4 from the current SEC West.

Good Post! Team Leaders (players) need to be mentally tough. We are not mentally tough right now.

Leadership from within is a critical part of any team. It doesn’t matter who the coaches are, if the team is not driven from within then the results will not be there.

For example: the loss of a Sebastian Tretola was not just the loss of a physical presence, but a loss of leadership.