"Greater" alert

No, leave politics out of this!!

Yesterday morning I was driving down the road and Rush Limbough came on. His whole first 20 minutes was devoted to the movie “GREATER”. He went on and on about it and said it must be seen. That was awsome and will certainly help box office to be out on the largest radio show. Then, I learned he (guest host) would have the director of the movie on in the 1 P hour (CDT) today. They never have guest. This is all very good publicity.

Just heard the interview. Wow! I have not heard prasie for a movie like that before, especially on this type show. Have no idea how much it will expand the showing if any, but I know this sold more tickets. Movie distribution is a funny thing for certain that I don’t understand. Anyway, it sure will not hurt the movie or The Razorbacks (a “Major SEC Program”)

I agree that’s excellent publicity for the movie & the UA. (One doesn’t have to like Limbaugh to recognize he has a large following.)

Saw Greater yesterday with my dad. My expectations were high yet the movie blew them away. Almost everything about it. Script, acting, visuals and soundtrack were just top notch. Props to Houston Nutt for being humble enough to play a bit part as a janitor. That brief scene gave the movie some needed levity. The only thing I’d change is the casting of Danny Ford. That guy just didn’t come across as Danny Ford.

Yesterday was the last day it was available in the Greenville, SC area, so I left work early and went to see it. Very good movie and one that should be seen by youngsters wanting to play ball but being told they are talented enough.

Was going to go see it tonight, but they already pulled it everywhere in S. Florida. Oh well, have to wait for PPV.

I got curious and looked up the weekend box office for “Greater”. They reported $627,000 at 340 screens, the 19th highest film of the weekend (highest took in $26 million); average per screen was $1800. What really surprises me is that they got this film shown on 340 screens.

The guest host on Rush’s show did a great job of promoting the movie today. A couple days ago when Rush was on, he said there would not be a dry eye in the theater at the end of the movie. If it is that good I cant wait to see it. Last movie I went to that there was not a dry eye in there at the end of the movie was “American Sniper”. I also noticed that everyone there was dead quite and as they watched real film footage of that funeral hearse carrying Chris Kyle body rolling down I-35 south of Dallas. I would assume it had the same effect on the crowd, where ever you watched the same movie.

I agree. In fact, I commented on that to my wife after we left the theater. I don’t know if they were trying recreate Danny Ford or were just wanting a generic “coach” for the film. Either way, I was a bit disappointed in that particular character.

One other thing: I know Anthony Lucas & Grant Garrett were two of the roommates, but I never could figure out who the third player was–the one who seemed to be the overbearing to Burls. Anyone know?

Possibly Russ Brown.