Great year...

We surpassed all expectations. Going to miss Fletcher, Zay, Cronin and all the others who will not return.

Dave Van Horn is a great, great coach.

Yep, great year. Can’t wait to see who all steps up next year.

Yes they had a great year, but certainly underachieved at the CWS. :wink:

Overachieved for the Whole Season, W/L 46-20, 20 wins in conference, Co-Champions West, 3-2 in SEC road series,
and back to back trips to Omaha.:sunglasses:

Should been SEC coach of year. A lot of coaches could have coached Vandy this year but not many could have done what DVH did at Arkansas this year! There is not another coach in the country I would rather have! Great job both to the team and hats off to DVH doing an absolute marvelous coaching job! Go Hogs!

Agree – great year and two tough 1 run losses in the CWS.

2020 should be a special year with all the core talent coming back… love what they achieved this year.

I always miss the players I’ve come to know over the course of 2-3 years. Will miss Trevor Ezell even though he’s just been here one year. I get nostalgic about them when I think they’ve suited up for the last time for the Hogs. Glad to have Kjerstad, Nesbit, Martin, Opitz, Franklin, Goodheart back. (Have I missed anyone?) I feel like the youngsters on the mound will be much better next year. Hate losing those we’re losing.

We’re a good program. Hope we make it back to Omaha next year. Keep doing that & we’re likely to win it all some day.

We have a better nucleus coming back for sure but lose a lot more key Pitchers.We will have to have some of the returning FR pitch much better and get another Good Starter,I think really going to miss Ezell b/c i don’t see a true Leadoff next yr unless the transfer from TCU can do it.The Allison kid looks to be a bigtime pickup from JC so maybe he can replace some of the HR’s we are losing.I know you can never doubt DVH so I will be anxiously waiiting to see how everyting pans out.

Casey hit pretty well as a freshman in the leadoff spot. Maybe going back there would get him out of the bad patterns he fell into this year. But obviously DVH will have the fall to work that out once we see who actually shows up (and who leaves). I like our returning lineup; it looks better on paper than what we were looking at last July 1. Interesting to see what we do in left field, assuming Franklin moves to center.

We thought Bonnin would be the departure that might come back to bite us today. Wrong.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Noland progresses with full focus on baseball (I’m assuming/hoping his QB days are over). Pick up 3-5 mph on the fastball would be nice.

I tip my hat to the team. Wasn’t supposed to do much this year. Enjoyed the ride. Can’t wait till next year.

Absolutely! As fans, we fuss and worry, particularly early in the season. But DVH watches the team and makes little tweaks as the season progresses (think about the lineup changes) until he has his team set by year end. He almost never gets enough credit OUTSIDE of Arkansas.

Was a blast watching this team grow and exceed all expectations. We will lose some quality players but we reload very well for next year.

DVH should have been SEC & National Coach of the year this year and a few times in the past. But the college baseball world has taken a ho hum attitude towards him and he just does as expected that not many if any other college coaches could pull off.