Great Win...!

… but we sure do like to do it the hard way. Whew!

I agree! Scary indeed!

A win is a win! I just hate to see lead off walks in any inning when you have a lead. Bust especially in the 9th! The way the ball bounced today we got one huge break in right field and that was all it took.
We may need more runs tomorrow but let’s hope Campbell follows up tomorrow with a good start of his own.

I was watching when all of sudden in the bottom of the 4th the electricity went out. All over the general area. I turned on my phone & couldn’t remember my log in name or password. In desperation I headed for the nearest sports bar, but it was dark, too. Called a friend who watches & got no answer. Was listening on the car radio, but wanted to see. Finally called a friend who only has basic cable but had power. She has wi-fi. Got there with my Ipad, plopped on the couch, got the game going & stayed out of her way. Saw the last 3 innings.

I was not happy with Entergy, but with the win I now have a better attitude.

Maybe, just maybe, Campbell can throw with a little ease tomorrow with no pressure to have to win the game to get the series win. Sure would like a sweep and need it, but I hope to see him throwing free and easy like Knight and Murphy have already done.

You are one commited fan!!