Great win!!!

I am so proud of those Hogs!!!

The running game? Hugely improved. Rawleigh, whom I have doubted, played like a savvy veteran. Reading his cuts, and breaking tackles. Devwah got more carries, showed alot of ability, and really improved his pass pro.

Safety tackling still is a pr0blem with Josh, but Santos saved the damn game with a vicious lick! Corners played well…d-line made an impact, good ole #51 was his usual self…and how about Eugene!?! He really played pretty doggone well.

The kicking game was the best I’ve seen it for awhile. You could argue it won us the game.

The OFFENSIVE LINE made huge strides. Granted, Ole Miss ain’t Bama or the ags. But they were hugely improved.


Our receivers continue to be awesome!

And Austin Allen proved that he is everything we could ever want him to be as a QB. What a player.

Great improvement on D calls and alignments…though I am SICK of this brand of football that allows an offense to snap the ball before a defense is set. It diminishes the chess match between coordinators. I hate it. But, we did much better. Loved the offensive scheme and playcalling.

And CBB deserves credit. Its his team.

Woooo Pig!

The way a team responds to the complete beat down they had last week tells you a whole lot about the coaches and players. I remember the great DKR (I wonder how many of you say who is that?) said one time that there is something that really gets under your skin about losing a football game. It is how you react to it that matters.

I wondered all week if this team had any self pride or not. They had not shown that much, but they sure did this week. Now can they keep it to go down to Auburn? that will really tells us something.

Darrell Royal. One of the greats. Even if he did break my heart my entire childhood.

All of the remaining games are huge…and we need to beat Auburn. But its the HOME games that you just really need to build your program, and make it elite.

We needed the game tonight. And we got it.

It was an impressive performance that reduces the negativity in the fan base. The Bama beat down of Tenn today made me feel better about our performance against Bama. The Oline appears to have made the biggest stride of the team. I am quite happy with how the oline improved against an OM Dline that is quite good.