Great win

Gafford was a man possessed. If it was his last game at Bud Walton he saved his best for last.
Loved the effort from everyone.

What could’ve been this year, win one more SEC game anywhere and we are probably in at 9-9. Definitely a win at UK would’ve done it.

Hoping for a good tourney run. I want Florida really bad, get past them and we can beat LSU.
29pts and 16 boards. Beast mode.

Loved the “One more year” chant at the end.

Today was a great win. Gafford showed out today. That the best performance form the free throw line too!
The what could have been department is more than one game. 3 non conference games and at least 3 conference games.
Texas. Hogs 13/24 free throws
71-73 loss
WKY. Hogs went 9/16 free throws
77-78 loss at home
Georgia Tech. Hogs went 7/9 free throws
65-69 loss at home. Took too many 3’s and didn’t drive to the hole or use the big man down low

Florida at home hogs went 15/26 FT’s
51-57 loss
LSU at home 88-94 hogs went 17/28 FT’s
OT 88-94 loss
Texas Tech hogs went 18/26 FT’s
64-67 road loss
Missouri 17/23
78-79 road loss
Texas A&M 15/21
87-80 home loss.
You can’t overcome these results.
Poor free throw shooting and not playing solid defense. They will be better next year.