Great win

The rebnecks have a good team. This was just their 4th loss.

Now we can’t be swept. I’d sure as heck like to win tomorrow and really put pressure on them.

Me too. I’d as soon beat the rebnecks as anyone in the country. I can’t stand 'em.

Hard to be critical after a win, but we sure make it hard on ourselves with these unearned runs.
The Hogs hung tough though, added a couple more runs and pitched our way to a very good tough win!

I don’t disagree with anything you said. However, I’m going to give them some slack after this one. Once Ole Miss had tied us at 4, I didn’t think our chances of winning the game were very good. However, our team dug in and found a way to prevail. Ultimately, W’s are what it’s all about, and I give them credit for gaining one to start the series.

NEA and I are alike in that, on the road, I want to get that first win of the series (as we did against Florida, also) and then see where the chips fall. The one thing you just can’t do is get swept. Winning series is big, but - especially on the road - if you can just win one and go on the the next one, you are still “in the hunt”. those 0-3 weekends are like 18-2 runs in basketball - hard to recover from.

Ole Miss will still be very tough, especially at home. Now that we’re ahead 1-0, we need to scratch out a series win so that we are 6-3 (or, even better, 7-2) in conference play returning home from our most dangerous and longest road trip of the season.

After OM tied the game, the team kept its focus and squelched any and all scoring opportunities for OM the rest of the game.