Great Win!

I said yesterday that is was going to take more than 2 runs and it did. Beat their Ace they saved for Sat. That is big. Going to have to do better, but this young team seems to have that “it” that somehow wins games like this. Still, it is going to take more going forward in the SEC, but they are 2-0 right now.

Every SEC game and every SEC series is tough. Expect nothing else.

Van Horn always says they all count the same. Winning leads to more winning. Dude knows how to win.

DVH knows how to win but he is also preparing the hogs for the postseason. Especially finding out what each pitcher can and can’t do!
When I look at our staring lineup I think about Martin and Heston were freshmen last year and how much they impacted the season and now this season we have Franklin in LF and Nesbit at 3B making the same impact early in the season. DVH knows how to evaluate talent!
We are lucky to have such a fine man leading our hogs!