Great win tonight! I think Matt maybe right!

We just might have to sweep the last two series to guarantee the West Division Championship. Sure hope Auburn can beat Ole Miss tomorrow.

It really hurt that OM beat Mize tonight. It will be tough for Auburn to win tomorrow. We badly need them to. We still have a 1 game lead if both of us sweep, but they have the advantage now of having won the first two. Next week they have a big advantage going against Alabama while we have to go to UGA.

I agree!
We just have to take care of our own business and see where we end up when the smoke clears.
I will hate it if we lose the Div. to Ole Miss. I despise them more than LSU!

Never concede anything until the games are played. One would expect OM to win the division because of the strength of the remaining schedule is definitely in their favor. That said, after last weekend, who would think Alabama would be leading LSU 4-1 in the eighth? Maybe 'Bama pulls a couple of upsets next week. One can only hope.

I am not conceding anything. I am one that is hoping!!

Then again the Hogs have done it the hard way all year. 6-0 in the final six games would be improbable yet possible. This team is good enough to do that. What’s those old signs say: “Ya gotta believe!”

I’m not conceding, either. Just recognize OM has a 2-0 series lead against a team I would expect to win at least 1 game against them & finishes the season against the last place team in the league. Meanwhile, we still have 2 remaining against a very good team & finish on the road against an even better team. Odds are simply against us. If we somehow manage to win 5 of the last 6 games (now 4 of the last 5), we are almost certain to not only get a national seed, but a very high one—perhaps as high as 3 or 4.

It helps Cronin is getting stronger. I also helps to get Shaddy back. It hurts to lose Biggers. I’m betting he’s lost for this weekend even if he’s somehow ready for next week. That finger in a splint doesn’t look like one that will let him play in the next two days. But I’m no doctor.

Well, I’m telling you it’s gonna be painful. I’ve had my middle finger broken at the first joint, playing 3rd base. The finger is very sensitive. The good aspect of Biggers injury, is that it is to his index finger. That finger is the one that is positioned outside the glove, so that should help in fielding when he’s back in the lineup. I’m not sure how it will affect his batting, but I know you need a good grip on the bat.

I don’t think Biggers will play any more this weekend. If it was my decision he wouldn’t play until the SEC tournament.
As for the SEC west I hope last weekend doesn’t come back and haunt the hogs!
Ole Miss will choke tomorrow. It’s up to the hogs to get this home sweep. Next weekend at Georgia I think the hogs can win the series but a sweep could be a tall task.
Bama can help next week they have no pressure on them at all!

Watching the early scores, I thought Bama might beat LSU last night. Unfortunately, the corndogs came back to get the win. I’m afraid Bama just isn’t very good. I’d hate for LSU to sweep them. I hate LSU about as bad as I hate Ole Miss. It’d tickle me if they didn’t make it to the NCAAT. Looks like they probably will.

we can’t afford to lose any more games.OM has a huge advantage playing Bama next week.


we can’t afford to lose any more games.OM has a huge advantage playing Bama next week.

[/quote]Well, it is a road series next week for Bama. However, the advantage Ole Miss has had is that (1) they haven’t played FLA, (2) the Hogs played FLA on the road, 3) next week the Hogs play Georgia on the road…(a rapidly improving team), while Ole Miss played them in Mississippi, and (4) the Hogs also played Ole Miss on the road. The Hogs road story has not been kind.

Yes we have had a brutal Road schedule! I would love to win division as long as we get to be a national seed and play at home I’ll be happy