Great win!! One to go too Omaha!

Campbell was absolutely great, again.
Bats came alive today.
NOW, just have to go through this, (hopefully), one more time and the get back to Omaha!!
Go Hogs:bangbang:

Great job, Hogs!!!

Nice game.

When Casey hits the ball this is what happens, he’s the heart beat of the team. Need him to keep it up, glad he had a multiple hit day

I’m nervous about tomorrow… Would like to end this in two. At least it’s nice knowing we have one more chance if we don’t do it tomorrow. For OM it’s do or die.

Wonder if the odds shift to OM if they win tomorrow? They probably do, so let’s close it out tomorrow.

Awesome job now we need wicklander to pitch ike he’s capable if you can keep a walking them and hitting his spots they don’t get more than two or three runs they have a worst team batting average against left-handers and we do we just have to scratch out 4-5 to win it

The thing about baseball is the main factor isn’t momentum, or home field. It’s who you have pitching. We’re throwing two freshmen against two freshmen for the Rebnecks, most likely, if the series goes to Monday. Which freshman gets the job done best?

Super pitching (go Zay) and super hitting in the first inning. wps

Time to button down the bow on Sunday…