Great win! Now beat LSU!

Don’t like how that LSU program seemingly gets away with things.

Don’t like losing previously to them.

Let’s close out the week with another W.

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Will Wade needs to take a full dose of a whipping in the Bud. I don’t like the fact he still has a job! The players he paid have underperformed.
Next up LSU! CEM is probably watching tape and has his staff working on a game plan right now! The players need to get focused and ready to play.
Tate needs to learn from feting throw out! He needs to play ball and keep his mouth shut.

I am sure Coach Muss has the guys in an LSU frame of mind right now. Bama is over (for now).

The thing about winning games is that it makes each up coming game bigger because there is more to lose.

Tate is just fine. He was taking up for his teammate, Moody after the 2 LSU players literally threw him to the floor. I’m happy Tate let him know he had his back. Especially since we had the win at that point.


He had already taken up for Moody. He was at half court and still keep on running his mouth. That’s not smart.

Keep your mouth shut. Let the scoreboard do the talking.

Maybe you guys should have listened to what Moody had to say about Tate!

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When Tate got thrown out, he was talking to Notae, not the refs. I think Shows & Co. had a bit of rabbit ears going on.

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