Great win @ Indiana but we need to not go crazy with our expectations --------

-------- this team’s “margin for error” is very thin. We have to be injury free and shooting 3’s well to win a lot of games in the SEC. We have key players who still get silly fouls and they will foul out at bad times.

I watched Indiana have the same kind of second half collapse against Notre Dame where they blew a big lead, managed to get into overtime, and finally won that one. They seemed to get complacent against us in the second half just like they did against ND. You cannot count on getting hot from 3-point land every time you need to. Our defense will keep us in a lot of games but without the 3-pointer we are not a powerful offensive team. If we win more than we lose in the SEC, we will have a chance to dance, and it will have been a great season. JMVVVHO

Agree totally. Enjoy the wins. On to the next game.

This is a good point. An article Scotty did about an interview with one of the assistants spoke to a 2-3 year expectation.

We will win some games we shouldn’t due to coaching and defense as well as lose some we shouldnt due to depth. This is a season to get to know CEM and his coaching ability and style

We have to be careful to temper expectations and not get too high or to low a d focus on what this season can tell us about future teams.

I am really excited about CEM and looking forward to seeing how things unfold.

Go Hogs!

What??? No Final Four? :slight_smile:

As long as we don’t redo the Pel team that killed in the NC (beating both Texas and OU) and then lost almost every SEC game (was that his first year???)

I have really worried about doing that. I think (know) that Mus is a much better coach than Pel, but it has worried me.

I am just going to enjoy the wins that we get…I know they are going to be games where we’re going to get overwhelmed inside and unless we’re shooting the 3 ball exceptionally well we’re going to get deep pretty good. But defense that we play Will travel anywhere we go and that should keep us and most of the games. I love how hard we’re playing and despite our lack of size and depth we are 11-1 which is far better than I thought we would be.

That was his second season. He beat Oklahoma and Texas on the heels of going to the NCAA Tournament with the team Heath left, and people wanted to extend his contract. Then the team went 2-15 vs. SEC teams, counting the tournament, and that talk cooled pretty fast.

That was when Marcus Monk was still a Razorback

One major difference between this team and the Pel tean that started fast and fell apart. No Montrelle McDonald and no Jason Henry. These guys are winners and want to be here. They may be overmatched at times, but they will give maximum effort every night. No locker room lawyers and no quitters.

Had totally forgotten about Jason Henry. What was the story behind all the issues (wasn’t all the way into the next Fall before he officially was out?) and what ever happened to him?

Those were some really bad times. Beverly out. Henry. McDonald. Suspensions. Alleged rape. Transfers. Transfers. Brandon Moore. Suspensions. Poor old Pelphrey. Bless his heart.

While we may shoot a lot of threes, which is smart, in today’s game there aren’t that many good offensive teams that don’t shoot the three well and often. I’d argue we are a good offensive team especially considering our lack of size.

My main concern is our lack of depth. A season without injury is relatively rare, and one or two will really give us a problem. Not looking for negatives (particularly negative “might be’s”), just sayin’, enjoying every game as it unfolds.

Injuries happen in every sport. That cannot be controlled. Defense, scouting, and execution can be controlled. Great coaching gives teams the ability to play more consistently. That consistent play will enable them to win plenty of games to be a high seed in the SEC tournament and comfortably in the NCAA tournament. Would it be better to have a pair of 7’ bigs and two more very good 3 point shooters. Of course. The reason we will win a lot of games is coaching and the confidence the team has from winning in the non conference schedule. It has been so long since we had a great coach that we still think we are going to lose because of x,y and z. Those days are over and we won’t have many bad losses.

Call me “Crazy” but we are seeing the “Unexpected” right before our very eyes.

Someone better send a memo to this crazy coach and those kids because I can promise you they have high expectations. Muss has got them believing that they can beat anyone. Jones and Joe are really good and we are gradually seeing Chaney start to live up to his potential and that gives me more hope than anything because he is very capable of being really good on the inside and that element is really needed.

With all that being said they are getting ready to start playing Indiana type teams every night … not saying all SEC teams are as good as Indiana but every SEC game will be a challenge.


Right now my team is 11-1… I will enjoy it. I have watched more SEC basketball the last few weeks than the last few years because I’m engaged in basketball again. Do you hear what these players say after a game? “I can’t let Coach Muss down”… they love his drive and emotion fighting and coaching for them. If we don’t make the tourney I will be mildly surprised and disappointed, but the Hog basketball future is way beyond bright.

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