Great Video of Sandi Morris Working out

The strength required is amazing!

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Very impressive! Lot of Great Core strength to do that!

That was a great video. All these years of following Track&Field, I never knew how vaulters trained, until now,

I’m guessing that’s a fairly new development. I think in the past, they just vaulted a lot, and lifted weights. That setup allows her to simulate the moves of vaulting without the risks of going 15 feet in the air over and over again.

I also think a lot of people have the misconception that the pole is doing all the work. This video strongly suggests otherwise.

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Good friend of mine was a pole vaulter. In fact all 3 boys in the family were. The oldest was NAIA champion his freshman year at UCA (SCA then). At the same time Earl Bell was at AR St.
About all I remember they did back then was vault reps, work on timing their steps & hitting the pole in the box at full speed without stutter stepping, lift weights for upper body strength, run for stamina, lot of stretching. He also did a lot of upper body isometrics as well.

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