Great Trip To Boston Mid Week

Had a work meeting mid week and scored some really good tickets to see the Red Sox Wednesday night. Pretty chili weather coming from 90 degrees in Louisiana. Saw Benny tag a HR and nearly another one, ate a lobster roll in the park…doesn’t get any better than that. Glad I packed my North Face vest! Fenway is special but Sox pitching was not…looked like batting practice out there!

My first trip to Fenway a few years ago I was wearing shorts and Sox tshirt. Nice start to the game. By the 5th inning I was downstairs filling out a Bank of America credit card application so I could get the free blanket they gave out for doing so. 63 at the start and 37 at the end. :oops:

I’ve never been to a sports environment like Fenway. Those fans are crazy. The day I went they were playing the Orioles but the fans were focused on their hate for the Yankee’s. They had a special bad word they used to describe the Yankee’s and they did it the entire game. Crazy people but a fun experience.

I’d love to go to a game at Fenway.

I went on a mission trip to Cambridge 11 years ago. The plan was to wrap up our work on Sunday, explore the city Monday and fly home Tuesday. On Monday, we would see the Red Sox play the Royals at Fenway.

Somehow the trip got shortened by a day and we flew home Monday. That night Jon Lester threw a no-hitter at Fenway, the game we were going to attend. :?