Great time with Lemming

He was in Little Rock today for his annual trip to see prospects. The stories are the best part of talking to Tom.

Awesome… well let’s hear some of those stories Richard!

Good stuff.

Did you go covered and smothered?

Can’t really go into details but coaches turning in other coaches for recruiting infractions, politics of recruiting, an interesting story on a top Arkansas recruit and other topics.

A story about him, NBC and the US Army game was the best. Wish I could give more.

Got the grand slam breakfast.

He got into LR at midnight and ate at Waffle House. Got to bed at 2 n up at 6. No way could I do his travel schedule. He travels 5-6 months of the year and more than 60,000 miles a year seeing kids around the nation.

Thanks Richard, I understand LOL

Curious if he mentioned who the biggest cheaters are.

He did mention a few. One in particular most probably thought as clean.

Would one of those be the University of Arkansas? Hopefully I’m not reading this properly.

LOL. No.

Has he move on to the Pac 12?

No. Retired.

Good ole Saint Richt?

No. Last one on this.