Great story, Prince Dorbah

This is an excellent story:

Prince has been offered by the Hogs. He’s a teammate of Chandler Morris’s and is about to play for HP’s third straight state title tomorrow.

Love it,does he have any interest in us?


that’s great and CCM has seen him play many times so I am sure he’s aware of his presence.

Excellent story. Thanks for sharing.

Incredible story!!!

And isn’t it great that CCM gets to go watch his son play and also see others of the type of talent we all want at UofA!

exactly Batonrouge! I’ve seen people complain about CCM being gone on friday but I always knew it was for more reason than just watching his son.he’s getting a free look at some great potential recruits.

And if we should happen to get a couple of “high end” commitments from there as a result of the coach’s interactions, do you think maybe that a few on here might concede that allowing his son to remain at the school had nothing to do with CCM not being wholly committed to Arkansas? :roll:

Highland Park won its third straight Texas 5A state championship today. Great team. Great program. Prince was defensive MVP. 4 sacks today. Dominant. Chandler Morris was offensive MVP. 300 yds passing, 3 or 4 TDS. Solid game. Kyler Murray was there to present each his MVP award.

Awesome story about something much bigger than football. Thank you so much for sharing!! This is a must watch story. Great family.