Great start to the season for the Hogs

I enjoyed watching the game and was impressed how the Hogs buckled down and dominated FAMU. There were some first game jitters, but I think this is a very good team that will keep getting better.

Looking forward to the Hogs beating the crap out of TCU.

I ain’t buying into the negative some folks want to bring.

Go Hogs!!!

You are my new friend!! Join the “I am positive because I choose to be” club.

FAMU is a little more talented than some want to admit, and they already had a game under their belt. They are weak competition but they have enough talent to hurt you a bit when they are playing over their head along with a bunch desperate defensive line calls. We adjusted and never looked back in spite of shaky pass protection and a nervous QB.

FAMU has scholarship athletes too. They don’t have as many as Power 5 schools but they have some guys who can play.

I blame a lot of the O-line issues on it being the first game. Hope Clary and Gibson can hold up the right side. Thought they played pretty good after the first few series. No since in getting too down at this point.