Great start on this class, but...

I think this class is looking excellent. I am curious as to how we fill the remaining spots.

So far, we have 14 commits.

4 DE 2 OL
2 DL 2 WR
1 LB 1 QB
1 S
1 CB

We assume Enoch, Burks, Henry, and Knox have a spot if they want to come. IF ( a big if) they all decide to come, that pushes the commit totals to 18. But what will the final position numbers look like?

If we gained commitments from 2 more OL, 1 RB, 1 LB, 1 S, 1 CB, plus one slot for a game changer at any spot that puts us at 25. The breakdown would look like this:

4 DE 4 OL
3 DL 4 WR
2 LB 1 QB
2 S 1 RB
2 CB 1 TE
1 game changer

So who do we think fills the final slots and am I close on the breakdown?