Great start for softball

Leadoff walk for McEwen, then Braxton Burnside hit the first pitch out to dead center. 2-0 Hogs. Burnside got her 25th finger. Then Hannah Hamill singled. Still no outs.

Finger? :rofl: sorry, Swine! Couldn’t resist!
I’ve done it many times. Got to where I started proofreading before I posted. I edit quite a bit.

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3 defensive errors and Stanford takes the lead 3-2

I don’t know much about softball. Why is there no grass inside the diamond?

Good start at the plate and a real horrible start in the field.

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That was a total gift of three runs

Our ladies keep making defensive errors.

Gotta stop short hopping throws.

We were robbed

Now we are back on top 4/3!
That was a terrific slide into second base. Caused her to make a bad throw to first.

Good job coach firing up the team to get those 2 runs.

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Yeah the bottom of the first was kinda Keystone Kops. They looked nervous but I think they’ve settled down now. Haff helped a lot

Doesn’t help that Stanford is catching a lot of breaks either.

No doubt this time.

Nope they couldn’t call that one foul.

Grassless infield is pretty standard at all levels of softball, Jeremy. It may even be the rule. I read somewhere that because softballs come off the bat slower, a grass infield would turn softball into a bunting contest.

When you look at the size of the infield it makes sense. By the time you allow for the base paths, there would hardly be room left for grass.

Thanks for the response. Like I said, I don’t know much about softball.

Thanks, Marty. C’mon girls!

Hogs win!