Great season

Wow. What a great season. Had my doughts there midpoint in the season. Sure glad Muss proved me wrong. We’re losing a lot, but are gaining a lot. With these new players, and a key pick up or 2 in the portal, CEM and the team could be on their way to being a legit National Championship contender. That’s quite a bit on Freshmen. But with JWill and Devo offering experienced leadership, and CEM’s guidance, who know’s how far we could go. Can’t wait to find out.


Devo really needs to work on his game. Flashes of brilliance interrupted by incompetence. I like the kid and think he can be a really good college player but he needs to figure out his game.

Devon needs maturity and more playing time. I hopes he works on his skills in off season and stays with Hawgs as he has shown flashes of being very good and capable of being a good leader on the court.

I agree , didn’t see what you wrote when typing my reply. I like Devo but he has to get better and I think he will. J. Will can be good role model for him in that process.

Devo is still a great player and he improved in many ways but he tried to be something he is not yet and may never be, a point guard great ball handler. In the open floor, good defensive guards ate him up attacking his dribble. He tried too hard to make spectacular passes and he was a turn over waiting to happen about half the time he had the ball. But, he improved his outside shot. He played intense defense, rebounded well, and contributed a lot to this team. Just, not as a point guard. I suspect he will remain the first off the bench, jack of all trades, master of none, next year. If he improves his ball handlings skills in the off season, that will be huge for him and the team.

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I guess I’m seeing Devo in a different light than most. As far as him trying to be a point guard early in the year, I don’t think it was his decision to take on that roll. Once he moved to the wing, his natural position he looked more comfortable even tho this offense requires all guards to be on point at times. If you watch him close he gets hands on the ball a lot without fouling. If a ball is on the floor he’s after it or on it from anywhere.
Devo is a keeper with his energy. I’m sure he will work to get better.

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Devo needs to learn to use his right hand and go right sometimes.

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