Great season for James McCann

James had his best offensive season in the Majors:
.273 BA - 18 HRs - 60 RBIs, all season best numbers.
He had by far his best WAR at +3.8, and 2nd best defensive WAR at +1.4

The only negative stat, was he had a season high of errors (8). He tied for his season low in passed balls, so I assume those other errors were throwing errors. He also had his second lowest CS numbers at 31%. May be a sign his arm is tired.

I couldn’t find any concrete info on the White Sox re-signing him to a long term contract. What little info I’ve found “paper articles, message board chatter, etc.” all seem to think the White Sox really want to keep him. One article talked about the Sox might look at DH for their “hot” catching prospect (Zach Collins) because they were unhappy with his defensive development at catcher. That would certainly be a plus for James and his contract if true.

I really hope the White Sox pony up a great contract for James. He’s been publicly quoted that he would love to stay with the Sox. There’s also been quotes from their best young pitching prospects that they love working with James.

The White Sox have an arbitration year with James. So they probably will keep him, but it’s going to be a lot more expensive than $2.5 million. I’d say it will be double that.