Great Run but

the second half of today’s game has to be the worst half they’ve played all year. No excuse.
Stilll proud of the RAZORBACKS! WPS!

It wasn’t the worst but it was bad. I have my opinions on why, but it’s irrelevant now.

Sure wish you would say (you have a lot more good info/opinions than I do!). Get it if you can’t

Missed all those free throws

Unforced turnovers lost this game.

Not even close to our worst half. First half against Auburn at BWA was worse. First half at Baton Rouge was worse. First half at Tuscaloosa. Second half against Misery at BWA.

I would much rather lose in SEC Tournament than in NCAA! Looks like we are going to be a 3 seed no matter whether we won today or not. My point in that Conference Tournaments for the most mart are just money makers.

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I do believe we would have won if J. Williams had been able to play.

People have already addressed FT’s and TO’s, and both are legit complaints. Another, not so much complaint, it is just the way it is, no legit post presence in this game. Vanover just can’t compete with more athletic teams and Henderson did ok, but he gets lost on defense sometimes and isn’t a legit threat down low. Jaylin Williams is our only legit threat on both ends down low and not having him hurt in this game. I think that had some of the effect of those sloppy turnovers. If you rewatch the TO’s, you can see a bunch where the driver tries to kick the ball down low to a big man, only to miss the big man or the big man missing the ball. It was a huge detriment to us being able to spread out their defense.

We would have had a better chance.

Going on shooting slumps like 2 of 16 (1st half) and something like 1 of 12 (2nd half) something like that didn’t help… gotta make baskets

Just getting a shot without turning the ball over! The hogs missed shots toady they normally make. The walk on the junk by Smith was the end of it today.
I just wonder why the refs let Smart by with walking all game long!
LSU won with their cash cows today but they won’t last in the Dance.
I hope our hogs find some majic next week in Indy.

When you play several teams in the SEC who are as talented or just about as good as your team, these close games take a toll and a team just can’t keep winning with the parity in this league. If we make the Sweet 16, the SEC tournament will be forgotten. If we lay an egg next weekend, then it will not.

We did not play very well in the second half, but we had it down to a one point game with less than a minute to go and a legit chance to win

Excited about the next two weeks. Get J Williams back and get on another run. Get to the sweet 16 and anything can happen…

This team and the coach appears stung by this loss and they should be. They don’t expect to lose and I like that attitude. Long time since our basketball team has had that winning attitude/swagger.

Losses used to hurt. They should hurt!!!



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