Great RPI win Tuesday night

I’m stating the obvious, but it was a great RPI win Tuesday night. Beating Texas Tech was great for the Hogs and for the SEC. So the SEC is 3 of 4 against Tech. How much that matters at the end of the year, who knows? The Hogs are now 3-0 against Tech and Texas. All three are at home. But those are two or the top teams in the Big 12.

The thing I liked about it was that two of the best Arkansas hitters were out. Carson Shaddy and Casey Martin were both out recovering from injuries. Shaddy has a bruised throwing hand. Martin has a sore hip flexor. I’m guessing Shaddy is out again tonight. Martin could play, but they may go with the same lineup again tonight and rest them both.

this is a deep team and we have players that can come in an contribute.Lee and Gates are both good hitters and Wilson has a good enough stroke to hurt you.we just need to execute in RISP situations better we have to get runs out of 2nd and 3rd and less than 2 outs and a lot of the time we don’t same with bases loaded if Mcfarland doesn’t hit into the DP we could have blown the game right then

I was on my way home listening to Bubba Carpenter on the post-game. Covering the 13 LOB (and that’s four above their season average), Bubba said the key was not to change the approach with RISP. He said it’s common to press a little when you get runner’s on. You should maintain the same approach that helped all of those runners get on base. And, that’s look for the right pitch, do not expand the zone and take the walk if it’s given. He said he’s seen some that have one approach with bases empty and a different approach with runner’s on because they want to do too much.

That makes perfect sense to me. I do know that there is situational hitting, too. With a runner at third with less than two outs, a fly ball gets you a run. I do know that McFarland put the ball in play up the middle in a no out situation with the bases loaded. Yes, that was a double play for one RBI. But it wasn’t far from being a two-run single, too. I liked that at bat.

I thought when the ball left McFarland’s bat that it was a single up the middle. Unfortunately, they had it perfectly played. Some of the lack of scoring is bad luck, some bad execution. There have been points earlier in the season that we seemed to get a “seeing-eye” single to score a pair of runs in bases-loaded situations. Those “seeing-eye” singles are now being goppled up for outs.

I agree, put the ball in play on the ground or sac fly is much better than pressing to get the big hit and striking out or popping up. We have struggled with this lately but I still feel we have a team that can beat in a lot of different ways, which is always a mark of a good team.

I figured they would need Cronin last night. He went down to the pen, but never threw. That’s a great thing. Obviously, he would have been available tonight, if needed. But he’s got a full week’s rest. He’s pitched midweek games several times earlier this season. I am glad that he’s got a week between games and I am hopeful that he’ll be needed in a save situation Friday night.

I’m happy with tonight’s rainout. We get that great RPI win without having to risk giving it back tonight. Suits me just fine even if it does mean one less game against a quality opponent. We already have plenty of those. Right now we’re at 100% against TT & the Big 12. Now we just need to take care of business in the SEC. A sweep of Bama would be a nice start to that.

I’m hopeful we’ll be so far ahead that he won’t be needed in a save situation. :smiley:

I do need to correct a stat in my post. I do know that you do not get credit for an RBI on a double play. But he did get the guy in.

I am sure most baseball folks on this forum know that.