Great question by RD on Twitter:

My guy had some long time customers go off on him for not being able to work them in for their desired date and they were pretty unpleasant about it.

He has hundreds of customers so you know everyone was wanting to get in ASAP. He told me a date and I was thankful.

“Fly home from the Middle East - Long Shaggy Hair, Beard and all! If and when I feel it’s safe in airports.
But we just went on 24 hr curfew here in kuwait yesterday.”

Trip over to Failika Island while in Kuwait. I’d like to know if all those homes have been repaired since the Gulf War.

Yes agreed, looks like an awesome place to hang out. Parking sucks but the parking deck is only 2 blocks

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From my understanding Falika Island hasn’t been restored as much. Like some of the other islands have been with resorts & big houses. There are still some of the very old buildings/dwellings standing as I’m told.
I have not been to Falika myself though, and have no idea what it was like before the Gulf War.

I went two years without setting foot in a barber shop and no one ever noticed; I cut my own hair with clippers and a #4 guide. I got Dad to do the same for me last weekend with a #1 guide so I look like an white-haired Marine recruit.

I also have used a #4 setting for over 20 years…probably saved thousands of $…occasionally I need to get my son to square up the back of my head…

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Oddly, I can’t wait to go back to work. I’m a teacher and I miss my students and co-workers. Online is not the same.