Great question by RD on Twitter:

What is the first thing you want to do after restrictions are lifted?

Me: Get a haircut.

Also, at the risk of sounding self-righteous (I’m no better than anyone else, probably worse), but I can’t wait to get back to church.

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both those are in top two for me also. depends on day of week, if sunday, church, any other day, haircut.

I miss church and being able to attend is first on my list. GHG!

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Spend time with our 7 grandchildren is at the top of my list.


There’s a fairly new restaurant in Fayetteville called Feed and Folly that has a rooftop patio. It looks toward Mount Sequoyah in one direction. I can’t wait to check that out. Also, I need a haircut.


While I miss celebrating the Holy Mass with my brothers and sisters in Christ, I have not stopped my daily visits to my church’s adoration chapel. I am grateful for this and grateful that my little community has not been hard hit by this virus. I have really missed hitting the weights and playing basketball in my community center. That’s tops on my list.

It’ll be all about getting back to fitness and recreation, for me…

Pickleball, golf, boot camp, circuit training, power cycle, body sculpting, & TRX. (At least we’re still able to ride bikes and snowshoe.)

Next would be rescheduling our overseas trips I had to cancel.

And yes … a haircut. I’m starting to look like this … sans the pipe.

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I hope you think like this guy also!

No real danger of that happening… :pensive:

I’ve thought about this. Still not sure. Haircuts are not a big deal to me. I watch two different pastors on line. I feel like I am getting “churched.” Maybe I’ll get the oil changed in my truck and go next door to Herman’s for a lunch steak at the rail?

I miss being able to go to Church and am upset we, as a country, are not able to go to Church to celebrate Easter Sunday. I don’t consider myself a righteous man, but I do miss this.

I miss spending time with my kids and grandchildren.

I also miss the Masters. This is usually my favorite week of the year.

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I too, miss going to church with my lovely wife. I miss being able to go to barber shop.

I miss going to movies. I’m looking forward to re-starting my AMC subscription when everything clears.

I also miss meeting a group of friends for trivia. I’ve played Buzztime trivia for over 25 years, and most of the time with the same group of people. If you see it at a bar and see RZRBCK or PIGSUI on the national leader board, that’s me. Plus, we have some really good and challenging live trivia places here.

And I’ll be ready to getting back to some traveling.

The best thing is I can’t really think of anything that just jumps to mind.

With a beautiful wife, video calling the kids, a swimming pool, hot tube, theater room, plenty of room to exercise, a make shift golf hole with chipping and putting areas and a nice patio to play board games on and watch the dogs run, life is pretty good around here.

But if I was to be forced to pick something out, I would say go to a Cardinals baseball game in St. Louis.

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Got my first hair cut since the virus shutdown.

Very thankful. My hair was over my ears.

Fly home from the Middle East - Long Shaggy Hair, Beard and all! If and when I feel it’s safe in airports.
But we just went on 24 hr curfew here in kuwait yesterday.

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I need a haircut. Probably going to do that Wednesday.

Got mine at Sullivan’s Barber Shop in Little Rock last Wednesday. I had to bring my own thermometer and show that I had a 97.4 temperature, I had to sign in, answer a bunch of questions about fever and coughs, and I held my mask in place the whole time. It is a $13 haircut and I gave him a twenty and told him to keep it, I was so happy to finally get the butchering that I had been doing fixed.