Great practice video from Twiiter

“This is a drill they do in the NBA every day…”

Muss knows how to get everyone’s attention.

Love the pick and roll pass drill all the way down the court. Noticed his demand that they only use the inside hand to bounce pass was hard for Hill and others to remember to do. He is demanding new habits and precision. The intensity he insisted on was impressive. They all looked a little surprised when he said they were going to have to get into a lot better shape. His system requires better conditioning than the “40 minutes of hell” system did?!?!?! I know some of this is “coach speak” but I assume he meant what he said. Very impressive video.

I’m sure he meant it but nearly every new coach in every sport says “the team needs to get in better shape” and/or “needs to get stronger”.

He really works hard. Players better be ready to work hard. Not saying they have not been working hard but we just have not seen anything on previous practices.

MD, thx so much for posting this, veeerrryyyy fun to watch!

when does the season start again?!?!


Love his attention to detail and that’ll will show up in games. I think this team will be in much better shape and will work much harder on the fundamentals like blocking out,making a pass with the inside hand versus the outside hand little things that make a big difference looking forward to seeing how he can change this team.

Great video. Thanks for posting! Can never get too much info on practices.

We can only hope he will open practices. I could sit in on a lot of practices and watch this. Insiders, will you see if he will let fans in on practice, at least until season gets underway. Not like it’s scouting another team.

Now the other side of Muss… :sunglasses:


I love that

He just might qualify as “interesting person” to cover for DD.

Maybe :wink: :lol:

I really like the hire. Coach Muss runs a strict practice, but off court, he is a real hoot.

I think better days will be here sooner than expected. WPS.

Saw Trey Thompson & Scotty Thurman in the video. Justice Hill was there–he looked shorter than I thought he was. Looked like Garland was there, but didn’t see him working out. Seemed to pay a lot of attention to Isaiah Joe, but that might have just been editing. Good stuff. Technique is so important in these spring practices so that the players have something to work on over the summer. Do basketball players stay on campus all summer like football players do?

This is like watching highlights of recruits. I never get hyped up watching these until I see a complete game against an opponent. Of course watching a full practice would help. Too many highlight tapes have disappointed me. Remember Stan Heath’s rebounding drills he brought over from Izzo?

I have to think that the returning players are going to look a lot different in November than they did at Indiana in March, and they’ll look even more different in February. Muss is focusing on different things. Not that he’s right and MA is wrong; there are many ways to skin the cat. But it will be different. And maybe better, we hope.

Nowhere for fans to sit in the practice facility. I can certainly see not wanting a bunch of people milling around during practice causing a distraction. Even media. We may have to be satisfied with these five minute snippets on Twitter, which is generally more than we got from MA.

Speaking of open practices and reports, what happened to Don?

Best line of the video…”if you don’t play hard, you won’t play for me!” :o :shock: :o :shock:

CEM means BUSINESS and I get a sense if you don’t start getting in the boat soon you will be left on the dock looking for another ride!