Great pics of games at Baum-Walker

SIAP, but I just discovered this site, which contains great images of games played at Baum-Walker…Hockey pics too…

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I love the Christmas-theme hockey sweaters the IceHogs wore back in December. Solid extra points for creativity.

Not quite sure what was up with the Stars and Stripes motif for the Misery State game in January, since Flag Day and the Fourth of July are both in the summer, but also visually interesting.

By the way, IceHogs are 22-4 on the season and ranked fifth in the ACHA Division 3 rankings.

Scrolling through those pics, it appears as if they may have been honoring a particular veteran…several pics of him saluting the flag and other “ceremonial” poses. Not sure who the gentleman is.

I missed that but it’s certainly possible.

And this prof takes very good baseball photos. Maybe Matt should sign him up.

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