Great Parking and Shuttle for A & M Game

This sounds too good to be true.

$9 for a one mile drive, great deal?

Actually if my calculations are correct it would be 2 miles.

I post that link every year when the inevitable questions about parking pop up game week. Someone turned me on to it the first year we played A&M at Jerry World. I live in Dallas and the friend that told me about it lives in Arlington.

Best kept secret out there. Not only is the shuttle cost reasonable, especially when you consider that you’re avoiding the high parking costs of parking at the stadium, but the food at J Gilligan’s is good bar food and obviously convenient before/after the game as the bus takes you directly there.

Great deal.

No - $9 for [color=#4000FF]PARKING[/color] and a shuttle to the stadium.

What you are forgetting is that stadium parking is [color=#4000FF][size=150]$50[/size][/color], and there are not a lot of other options close to the stadium. And the $9 is round-trip.

Also, if you want to let the traffic die down, you can head inside J. Gilligan’s and get a burger, nachos, etc. with a cold beverage and watch another game. Park in stadium parking and you’ll be stuck in your car for 30-45 minutes.

No longer live in Arlington, so I hope this still holds…but the best deal around used to be Lincoln Square Shopping Center at I-30 and Collins. Spend $40 in one of their shops (easy to do with all the nice restaurants, book stores, home goods stores, clothing stores, etc.) and park for free during the game. Then walk about 15 minutes to AT&T Stadium–or catch their convenient shuttle for $5.