Great OLine coach "rumor"

I heard this story driving home in the past few weeks, I believe on Bo’s show. Clay/DD/anyone else, please correct me on this as I’m sure I’ll miss a few details…

A national pundit relayed this story, quoting several sources, so many that he felt comfortable relaying it, despite lack of “proof”.

Story goes: Sam Pittman leaves Arkansas to re-join Chaney at Jawja. Bielema is upset, and had the whole Hog OLine go to Sam’s house and try to change his mind.

After that, CBB reportedly had a discussion with some folks, including Rex Ryan, about how upset he was, and also how “it was time to part ways”, “kinda glad Sam left, we’re better off without him” etc, . Reportedly Rex and Sam are very good friends, unbeknownsts to CBB.

Shortly afterward, Rex has a young OL assistant who he thinks is NOT a great coach, and he calls CBB to recommend this coach to CBB…and we ended up with Coach Anderson!

That’s hilarious if true. now that it’s over, I mean. not so funny when I was vomiting during CBB’s last 14 games lol


Did not hear the interview you mentioned. Do not know of Bielema’s relationship with Rex Ryan. I do know that Bielema consulted with Dan Enos before the O-line hire since they knew of each other, both with history at different Michigan schools.

I posted a couple of yrs ago on this forum about meeting Pittman & having a long talk about his time with the Hogs. It was deleted. I told him Hog fans were appreciative of the job he did while here & wish he’d stayed. He told me he was still very upset about what BB did to him after he left. He didn’t elaborate what he did & I didn’t ask but I guess that’s what he was referring to.

The only part of the story that I can verify is the part about the OL going to Pittman’s house.

That was confirmed by Dan Skipper, who was at a concert I was and left to go to the meeting.

The rest of the stuff seems a little far-fetched to me - especially the part about Kurt Anderson (who was Tom Brady’s center at Michigan) - but I am not sure one way or the other