Great offensive game

Our offense was marvelous yesterday. 38 first downs (that’s a ridiculous number), 93 offensive plays for 676 yards, and Jefferson hits 71% of his passes (25/35)? WOW!

I hate to say it, but the in-game offensive entertainment almost eclipses the fact we lost. That was one of the best, most entertaining offensive games I’ve ever seen played by a Razorback football team.

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I agree. I remarked to my wife that it was fun to watch, with a roller coaster of emotions. It was one of those he who has it last will win types of games. Was really proud of our effort to come back after each Ole Miss score. On to AU…

I had forgotten to look that up. Actually it was 39 first downs, which is a school record. Previous was 37 against TCU in 1980.

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