Great Night

I really feared what might happen down there, but just smack them around is so special. It still means so much to beat them to me and to many other of us old farts. Of course , they could come back tomorrow night and gain a split. They are a very good team, but this first game was the one that both teams really went after. Tomorrow is after all a nonconference (of course, one real baseball conference and one not so much - figure out which is which) midweek game before a big 3 game conference series (for both teams). The scum will have to put more into it avoid a sweep, where as, the good guys will not have that pressure and need. They are going to come out ahead no matter, but still, a sweep would be so very sweet and will look real good come selection time.

The first thing that came to my mind was that old Arkansas favorite…

I’m a short squashed Texan
I played the Razorbacks today…

I thought of that as well. It certainly fit last night. Now for another!

I just loved “Short Squashed Texan”. Yes, it was a good day to be Razorback. Smashing the bovines in baseball & getting some redemption in basketball. A very good night.

I agree we’ve won the series even if we split with them. A split on the road against a top 20 team is a win for the visitors. But a sweep would just be extra sweet. And it’d be 6 wins in a row against them.

The moon is in the sky. The stars shine brightly. All is right with the world.

Tuck Fexas

The stars at night are dull and dim,
When they have to be shining over
Dumb ole stupid Texas